In An Emergency...

Call 911! The police, ambulance service, and fire department are the best trained to assist you.
If your suite or car has been broken into, please do let us know but AFTER you have filed a police report.

For non-life threatening issues, please contact the Property Manager or the Resident Caretaker.


Property Management

Colyvan Pacific Real Estate Management Services Ltd.
202 - 5704 Balsam Street
Vancouver, BC V6M 4B9

Name: Wendy McKenzie (Property Manager)
Phone:  604-683-8399 ext: 246
Fax:      604-683-7399
Time:    8:30am - 4:30pm (M-F)

Name:  Susan Marvel (Accounts Receivable)
Phone:  604-683-8399 ext 237
Fax:      604-683-7399
(Account receivables, pre-authorized payments, cheques, strata fees, special levies, etc.)

Name:  Brenda Cadman (Property Management Assistant)
Phone:  604-683-8399 ext 222
Fax:      604-683-7399
(Administrative issues and inquiries.)


On-site Manager

Name:   Ciprian Floroaie
Phone:   604-568-2501 (Non-urgent issues)
Cell:       778-323-2226 (Urgent issues)

Contact Ciprian for any day-to-day issues relating to King Edward Village.  Examples:
  • Break-and-enter or vandalism incidents (AFTER calling the police)
  • Fire (AFTER 911 has been called and has responded)
  • Leaks or flood damage
  • Pest problems (rodents, pigeions, insects, etc)
  • Suspicious activities
  • Broken or malfunctioning parking gates or doors
  • Elevator problems
  • Broken or missing gym equipment
  • Burned out lights
  • Any other non-emergency concerns within the building and common property

Strata Council

If you have questions / suggestions involving common areas (garbage area, parking garage, gym, building lobby, and bike lockers), please feel free to email us at

Common Area Deficiencies

Please email a detailed report of all common area deficiencies to the above email with your name, suite number, and contact information.  (E.g. Exterior deficiencies on balconies / patios, original plantings (truees, shrubs, etc.).

If you want to help us build our common area deficiency list, please email us!