Parking Gates

The Main Parking Gates on Cedar Mews and Kingsway are open between 7:45am - 10:15pm daily, corresponding with PriceSmart Foods' hour of operation. The two gates on the Commerical P2 between KEVI and KEVII are open 7x24.  If you notice the gate is open outside it's normal operation, it is a security risk and the gate maybe malfunctioning.  Please contact the Resident Caretaker as soon as possible to service the gate.  Please also make sure you wait until the gate closes when you come and go.


Fobs and Keys

All residents are reminded that the entrance to your home DOES NOT start at your front door, but the front doors to our building!  DO NOT let strangers into  your home!  If you lose a key and/or fob, please report it immediatly to ColyVan Pacific and our Onsite Resident Caretaker.


Mailbox Security

The individual mailbox security and keys are the responsibilities of the ownere of the suite.


Buzzer Instructions

  • Provide your 4 digit buzzer code to your guest.
  • Your guess will press "#XXXX" to call you (where XXXX is your buzzer code).
  • Your phone will ring. 
  • Press "9" to let the indivdiual in.
  • Or Press "*" if you do not want to let the individual in.    (The "* "will give the person a busy signal if they try to dial you again.  The system will reset itself shortly.)

  • Residents are unable to buzz in guests between 11pm - 7am daily for security purposes. Residents are required to go down to the lobby and escort their guests up to their suite.
  • If you forgot your buzzer code, contact our Resident Caretaker to look it up.
  • If you need to setup or change the phone number attached with the buzzer system, contact the Property Manager.
  • From the time you buzz in your guest, the elevator has a small window of time for your guest to select the required floor before it will time out.